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6i Logistics Suite™

Intelligently crafted and built with high precision to take your business to Automated one.
6i Logistics Suite is to switch your business operation in to digital platform to  have full control over your business.


sels | Six-i ecargo logistics suite

Logistics and Cargo sector remains the backbone of every business in operations, businesses needs channel of distribution to sell their products and logistics takes care of the transportation of goods.But still logistics and cargo firms follow traditional mode of operations, which creates uncertain drawbacks and failures.

This is where SELS dives in traditional method involves a huge volume of record books and sheets done manually by hand, which leads to human error, uncertain loss of books, unacurracy etc. In modern day it is not recommended for a logistics business to still adapt to traditional methods, which creates more complex environment to operate


Cloud Platform

Boost your business by zeroing your expense on setting up environment , flexible your operations by having your both legs in cloud platform or SaaS Access and operate efficiently from anywhere at anytime

Secure pro

Your information is secure with us, withhout any loss of data operate your business with efficiency, your data is secure with SSH-2 128-bit key encryption and with constant security maintenance.

data backup+


With security your data is further safe with us by having time framed regular data backups with ease rollouts to revive your data loss in an instance of time, Day to day backup for further more safety and prevention of data loss

SELS a robust technology needed for every logistics industries. It’s flexibility and transperancy of operation prevents loss of revenue and data. And results in Increment of ROI


Detailed overvie of built-in Modules


Administrative Module

The root for your SELS which controls, configures and maintains the entire software, eevery module can be controlled and configured by admin

With great power comes greater responsibility

Setup up your Routes, Stations, Users, Price, Vehicles and much more as an admin.

For more details on Adminstrative Module, and other informations

SELS | Documentation
Entire system setup and configurations of pricing, distance, vechicle and etc details
Reports for entire logistics operations network are accesible from here
Creation and governing roles of users. Defining their roles to provide them with nessecary modules.
Adding, deleting and editing of multi types of vehicles and assigning specific drivers
Configuring any additional technological device used, like GPS, TrackSat etc.


Control over entire business operations


This module provide you control to book new waybills
This module provide you control to book new waybills
Built with the power of PHP and combined framework of cakePHP
Built with the power of PHP and combined framework of cakePHP
Built with the power of PHP and combined framework of cakePHP


Impact of CRM in your business

CRM Module

Get full benefit of your strategies to reach more customers, with effective tools and plan.

Know more about your customer, the more you will cherish

SELS creates a bridge between your business and customers to have a geniune understanding.

For more details on CRM module, and other informations

SELS | Documentation


Reports Module

It is neccesary for every busniess to have record of their operations, financial transactions, crm etc. To evaluate timie to time growth comparision, revenue leak etc.

Record your each step to build a bigger future

SELS records report for nearly all the individual modules, and with even more additional reports for your business to always stay on track of growth objectives.

For more details on Reports Module, and other informations

SELS | Documentation
Record everyday commercial activities of logistcs firm
Record debit and credit balances as of to the needed date
Records the status of transhipment goods
Records of debit payments and credit payments till date
Records the data of loaded or unloaded goods etc


Efficiency and tranperancy to your business


Functionality to provide capabilities of booking of a consignments
Update the arrival or departure mode of transhipment goods
Updating delivery of goods from the appropriate stations
Enclosing financial records of business operation and cash balances
Maintaining record of Unclaimed Properties of booked goods at the delivery stations


Tranperancy and flexiblity over your operations

Operations Module

Operations part of a logitics business needs more accurate real time data to have a control over the business to avoid uncertainity and losses.

Make your business Transperant and flexible

SELS  shortens the gap by having operations module, to give a transperant and flexible control to agents, HUB, franchise to work with and contribute to growth oof your business.

For more details on Operations Module, and other informations

SELS | Documentation

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